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Insurance Summary

Summary Sum Insured Include Premium
Personal Possessions Within The Insured Address (includes desktop computer equipment)
Please Note: This is a compulsory cover – please select a sum insured.
Possessions & Desktop Computer Equipment Is Required

Optional Extensions

Please note: There is no cover for the items listed below under the Personal Possessions section, so if you require cover for these items they must be selected below.
Policy Benefit Sum Insured Include Premium
I-Pads, Laptops & Portable Computers | Cover Anywhere Within The UK
Accidental Damage Item Limits Apply
Accidental Damage to Landlords Property | Tenants Liability £10,000
Course Fees and Rental Protection
Mobile Phones | Cover Anywhere Within The UK
Please note: The mobile phone must have been purchased within the UK.
Pedal Cycle | Cover Anywhere Within The UK (Within Europe For Up To 45 days)
Musical Instruments | Cover Anywhere Within The UK
Personal Accident & Criminal Assault
Photographic Equipment | Cover Anywhere Within The UK
Vacation Cover £3,500
Legal Expenses £30,000
Digital Download £1,000
Examination and Coursework Cover £250
Excess Protection Cover
International Student Repatriation Cover £5,000
Please Ensure A Sum Is Selected
Policy Fee : £5.00

Total Amount Payable: £5.00

Automatic Covers

Policy Benefit Sum Insured Included
Landlords Property | Tenants Liability £5,000
Liability For Rented Household Goods Item Limits Apply
Replacement Locks and Keys £500
Credit Cards £500
Personal Money £50
College/University/School/Educational Establishment Property On Loan £750
Accidental Death, Injury or Illness Of A Financially Supporting Parent Or Guardian £5,000
Legal Liability £1,000,000